Thursday, December 1, 2011

On The Cover of the Rolling Stone

The current edition of Rolling Stone Magazine features an article on the 100 greatest guitar players of all time. Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page comes in at #3, behind top guitarist Jimi Hendrix and #2 Eric Clapton, and ahead of Keith Richards and Jeff Beck, who came in at #4 & 5 respectively.Jimmy Page

The issue hit the new stands this week with four covers, one depicting each of the top four guitar players.

The Jimmy Page picture has a shot of him in full guitar slinger action, holding his Les Paul out to his left. His dress indicates it was a post-Zeppelin shot, possibly from the Outrider tour.

Inside, there is a short article on each guitar player. Joe Perry wrote the 190 word piece on Jimmy Page, stating:
Listening to what Jimmy Page does on guitar can transport you. As a lead player, he always plays the right thing for the right spot – he's got such remarkable taste...

He had this vision of how to transcend the stereotypes of what the guitar can do.

Will he buy five copies to send to his mother?

Page has appeared on the cover of the legendary magazine at least six times previously, so I doubt he'll be buying five copies to send to anybody.

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