Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Glenn Hughes on BCC

Classic Rock magazine interviewed Glenn Hughes on the occasion Hughes receiving a Classic Rock Award (A gong) for for his work with the charity Childline:
Whenever they call on me I’ll be there, no problem at all. I urge all my musician mates to do the same.

Childline is a counselling service for children and young people who both Hughes and his wife are involved with - and good on both of them.

While they had him, the subject of Black Country Communion came up. Hughes suggested Led Zeppelin fans might just enjoy the show:
Two UK shows are booked for late December and we commence work on the second album on January 10 at the same studio in LA that the Hughes/Thrall album was made...

They’ll feature most of the first album and we might throw in a Led Zeppelin cover and some other things.

According to his Facebook page, Hughes had been very busy writing songs for BCC2, as he's currently calling it. A few weeks ago he noted he played what he had for Kevin Shirley, and it was well received. But he apparently wasn't done there, offering today:

My every wakin' moment is spent workin' on new BCC songs here in Brazil... I have no choice... the tap has been turned on... I am grateful... GH

It sounds like it will be a good 2011 for Black Country Communion.

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