Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jimmy Page "Desperate to be Playing."

Jimmy Page is once again making noise about new music and a tour for next year. jp01pr240910Earlier this year Page suggested he was ready to go with new material, plus some live shows, including a Peace Concert that was to be have taken place in China last month. Other than his book, Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page, however, the guitarist has been silent.

He now says next year is the year, telling Planet Rock’s Liz Barnes:
I’m desperate to be playing… I’ll get a good vehicle to get out there and do some concerts.

While that statement is fairly ambiguous on the subject of new music, possibly suggesting there won’t be any, it seems clear Page wants to do some shows. Hopefully what he’s talking about is a tour, of course.
Update: Here's the interview:

3:59 (Liz Barnes): I can't let you go without mentioning your book, because I came to the launch and it's a beautiful book. But, having seen it now in real life, God, a lot of work must have gone in to that. I didn't realize how much was in it.

4:13 (Jimmy Page): Well, people had asked me to do a book before, like a written book. I thought, you know, I'd like to do this in a different way and do an autobiography, in pictures. So that's pretty interesting because, it sort of went back to when I was 13 years old and there's about 70-80 photographers in there. But the more that I did it and laced it together with the commentary, I'm really pleased I've done it now.

4:40 (LB): And what for the future of Mr. Page?

4:45 (JP): I'm desperate to be playing, but it won't be 'til next year. I'll get a good vehicle to get out there and do some concerts.

4:52 (LB): I think lots of people are desperate to see youplay.

5:03 (JP): Yea, next year. Let's hope it all comes to fruition next year.

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