Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jimmy Page Won't Tour Without Robert Plant?

According to the mailer sent out by gossip site Popbitch, Jimmy Page has told a fan that without Robert Plant he will not tour:

Led Zepellin's [Sic] John Paul Jones has been fuelling feverish speculation that Led Zepellin [Sic] are about to reform with a new singer, possibly Steven Tyler. Yet Jimmy Page hasn't quite been singing from the same songsheet.

He got talking to a fan last week and said that he'd never tour without Robert Plant.

Popbitch is a gossip site with no link to their e-mailed tidbits (thus none provided here). I have no reliable gauge on their general accuracy, although it's always fun to read. However, I wouldn't place too much faith in the accuracy of this report without further evidence.

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