Tuesday, October 28, 2008

John Paul Jones: "Album and Tour"

Vic Morgan of BBC Radio Devon gets an interview with John Paul Jones at the Manson Guitar Show in Exeter last weekend. There's two clips and in the first he mostly discusses playing bluegrass, but he adds:

on the 02 show (5:43)
Vic Morgan: "It was one of the greatest moments of my life, how was it for you?"
John Paul Jones: "It was wonderful, it was wonderful. It was a combination of a lot of hard work. We worked really, really hard. It wasn't just a matter of getting through the show and just hoping that people hearing the songs again would carry us through. We were determined to give a really top of the line performance. And you've got to be so familiar with it all again and then move on to the next level. And it was very important to us that we did that, and we did it. I think we pulled it off. We put a tremendous amount of work in it, a lot of focus on that one show"

The second one has, for our purposes here, more meat on it:

VM (1:48) Just a final question then. You did say earlier you were working with Jimmy Page, were working with Jason Bonham. What is happening? 'Cause we've heard that Robert Plant doesn't want to do it. We've heard Myles Kennedy has been mentioned. What is happening?
JPJ: We're trying out a couple of singers and basically, when we know what we're going to do, we'll let you know, we'll let everyone else know.
VM: You obviously want to do it though.
JPJ: We do want to do it. It's sounding great what we're doing. We're very happy and we really want to get on and get out there. Times getting on (laughs)
VM: Is there a feeling that if you don't do it shortly you wouldn't want to do it, really?
JPJ: Not we wouldn't want to, but it's got to be right, you know. Just trying to re-create, just find another Robert, I mean you could get somebody out of a tribute band. What's the point. We don't want to be our own tribute band.
VM: And just a final point, would there be a record coming out? What is it, just touring?
JPJ: Well, yea. Yea, there would be a record and tour, yea. But we have to got to have everybody on board. Everybody that we want. That's what we're working for, that's our job.

And there you have it. The members of Led Zeppelin, minus Robert Plant are "trying out a couple of singers," and plan on doing a record and tour. Myles Kennedy was specifically mentioned by interviewer Vic Morgan, and not denied by John Paul Jones, although that only seems to confirm that Kennedy played with them.

As The Lemon points out as well, "Jones never said the project will be called Led Zeppelin." A valid point, and they may well tour as The Knobs, The old Yardbirds or some other name. But make no mistake, it will be seen, and sold as a Led Zeppelin show.

h/t Lemon Squeezings: Led Zeppelin News

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